Who is going to be at MIPIM proptech 2019?

27 juni 2019

5 key trends of today's Proptech scene 3.0. in Europe

MIPIM is approaching and we already took a sneak peak at the program. Be assured - the new Proptech 3.0 innovations are as hot as this summer. Take a look at our 5 key trends of today's Proptech scene and who will be representing this trend at the upcoming MIPIM proptech in Paris.

If you are at MIPIM give us a shout. The PROMPTO team will on site, including our CEOs Wannes and Pieter. Swing by our stand (J07) or join us starting at 6pm for the opening cocktail.

Also, we would like to invite you to come by at the Exhibitor’s pitch: Transaction & Marketing. Monday at 11.30-12.30 // Room: Flash Talk Zone. Wannes will give a pitch on How virtual reality disrupts real estate sales.

MIPIM: Monday 1st-Tuesday 2nd July 2019 / location Centquatre -Paris. See you there!

1. Connected Properties - make your building smart!

Innovations, which disrupt, improve and shape the way we live and work together through digital platforms and the IoT, are definitely one of the hottest key trends in Proptech. Their services range from efficiently managing a building, to transforming them into greener and healthier spaces, till enhancing social interactions in the buildings. Some key players to watch, who will be also present at the MIPIM 2019 are:

  • DABBEL - an AI building management system enhancing the performance of buildings and the satisfaction of tenants. They are under the finalists of the MIPIM Startup Competition, which jury selects the most promising and innovative startups that tackle the biggest urban challenges around the world. Learn more about DABBEL on July 1st, 12.00-12.45 at the STARTUP COMPETITION // Room 200
Copyright: DABBEL
  • Homebeat - a digital platform, which allows tenants to communicate with each other as well as with the house management. Their aim is to facilitate the communication with the house management and make it more efficient as well as to improve the tenant community. They are also under the finalists of the MIPIM Startup Competition and will be pitching on July 1st, 14:30-15:15.
Copyright: Homebeat
  • SmartHab provides an end-to-end Smart Apartment Integrated System to real estate developers, providing high levels of security and energy management for buildings, as well as a tool for social interactions of the building’s inhabitants. Imaging i.ex a Smart Apartment tailored to the needs of an elderly person, detecting critical alerts and falls through IoT and facilitating communication with caregivers, relatives and residence manager.
Copyright: SmartHab

2. Customer Experience - how to treat your customer like a king

The customer is king - a very demanding one! Therefore making his experience as outstanding and satisfying as possible should be one of the main focuses of every company. It is a big challenge, but you shouldn't shy away from it! A 2018 PwC study focusing on costumer experience showed that consumers are willing to pay up to 16% more for a better customer experience. Further, the study pointed out, that a happy customer, who had a great experience and feels heard and understand, buys more and stays loyal to your company. Therefore, for us the most important key trends in Proptech are innovations, which improve your customers experience. (Also one of the reasons why we dedicated our business to customer experience ;) ) But who are the game changers in that areas? Definitely AR and VR tools! Let's have a look at what is possible:

  • Prompto - powered by Around Media - is a SaaS platform aiming to revolutionise the real estate sector. Prompto is currently evolving into a market place which helps real estate developers selling their real estate faster, prospective buyers getting an awesome and personalised experience for their future house or apartment, architects and designers creating designs and leading brands showcasing their product. Focused on generating more qualified leads and better sales, the software and the team introduces a lean approach to real estate commercialisation.
Copyright: PROMPTO
  • VRsolutions - a French based visualisation studio, which strives to set new standards for virtual reality in architectural and product visualisation. Aiming to remove the uncertainty which comes with the technology, providing a reliable, cost-effective and high quality service.
Copyright: VRSolutions

3. Alternative forms of living and working - live up to the 21st century!

Rising rents, fast growing cities and the wish especially of younger generations, to stay flexible and unattached, gives a major push to ideas, which help to better utilize existing real estate assets. Whether its office spaces, parking spots, conference rooms or apartments. Here are two start ups dealing with Co-living + Co-working, which we found especially interesting:

  • IKOAB - a co-living service, which offers shared and private accommodation in Belgium cities. With flexible contracts and hardly any lead time it targets the lifestyle of digital nomads and unbound millennials.
Copyright: IKOAB
  • Workero - a digital platform enabling mobility and interaction between companies and workers by offering creative workspaces in their respective office locations.
Copyright: Workero

4. Improve life - with tech!

Climate change, an exploding world population - the earth is changing and the awareness that we have to act now is growing. Voices to give more importance to sustainability are getting louder in basically every area of life, of course also including the real estate sector. New technologies, i.e.x improving the energy efficiency of a building, or projects boosting biodiversity are more popular than ever. Even Blackrock, the largest hedge fund in the world, announced that form now on it only wants to invest in purpose-driven organizations. It comes with no surprise, that also at the MIPIM the number of companies with a sustainable mission is rising. Check out these two:

  • BeeOdiversity's mission is to develop projects and offer advice on how to boost biodiversity, food diversity and the well-being of everyone by protecting pollinators, via a global, innovative and scientific approach while uniting and raising awareness amongst all the stakeholders.
  • Up4green - offers a system, which allows intensive vegetation to be planted easily and durably in height i.ex on the roof of a sky scraper.
Copyright: Up4green

5. Tokenized Ownership - keep an eye on DLT!

Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies as well as the tokenized nature of cryptocurrencies makes crowd ownership and fractional sales of real estate not only possible but increasingly popular. It is definitely a new trend one should keep an eye on, as well as on these two companies, which operate in this field:

  • Brickblock is a asset trading platform that allows different digital currency holders to invest in real-world assets.
  • Beebonds - a crowd-lending platform in real estate. With a minimum of €5.000 one can for example invest into a real estate project located in the middle of Walloon Brabant and with 10.000 € into residential projects in Luxemburg city.

To get a full overview of who else is participating at the MIPIM, check out the official "Who is coming" page as well as the conference program. We are very excited to be discussing with all the worldwide leaders the most trendy proptech topics and practices.

Source: MIPIM

Stay tuned! Next week Wannes will share his impressions from the MIPIM proptech with you!

All the best,

Karolin, on behalf of the entire AroundMedia/Prompto team

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